Quick 5 minute breakfast

Are y’all’s husbands like mine? You know, hop out of the bed in the morning, throw on clothes, brush teeth, give the kids a fist bump, kiss you goodbye and walk out the door?!

This drives me nuts! Slightly because he can do all of that in 5 minutes and it takes me hours to get out the house, but moreso because he hasn’t eaten breakfast!!

Today we agreed that we would talk about his morning the night before and set a time that he needs to be gone.  Unfortunately, today I didn’t have that luxury. So while he was starting the car and gathering last minute things, I hurried and whipped something up…. In [5] minutes!!

That was a record for me.

It wasn’t fancy but it should have held him over until lunchtime. By the way, I didn’t get to send him with that either :-/


Camden and veggies

He insisted on helping!

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Ending my love affair… #HealthyTipTuesday

So it’s time for us to separate!

I can’t take this toxic relationship anymore.

There’s just too much stress about you deceiving me.

Yup, I’m talking to you…… PLASTIC.

You might be convenient but my health is worth more!

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#FarmersMarketFriday: DeKalb Farmers Market

Your DeKalb Farmers Market
3000 East Ponce De Leon Avenue
Decatur, Georgia 30030
9:00am – 9:00pm Daily

If you’re from the metro Atlanta area, you’ve either heard of or have been to the DeKalb Farmers Market. Our first visit was 2 years ago when we began our healthy journey and I’ve loved going ever since.  I remember it very clearly, I went alone with my 1 year old and was so excited about what was to come.

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microwaving in plastic


Normally when I share healthy tips with you all, they are things that I want to do better with or have already been practicing with good results.  I will never post anything that I don’t believe in.

On the flip side, I can’t take credit for always living a healthier life.  Once upon a time I had a number of unhealthy habits.  Nowadays, I’ve tried to narrow them down to just a few but I’m nowhere near perfect. However, I firmly believe that “if you know better, you [should] do better!”

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