We all struggle with something right? Well mine is the ability to keep weight on and consistency! Yes, I said keeping weight ON! My weight tends to stick around the 105 lbs mark on any given non-pregnant day (lol). And because being pregnant for the rest of my life is not an option, I’m on a journey to gain weight in the most healthy way possible.

It’s like I’m on this cycle where I gain weight and quickly lose it. Quickly gain and quickly lose smh! Did you know that by breastfeeding, most women burn 500 calories per day?! It’s crazy right? Who wants to burn all of those calories EVERY, SINGLE day?

This section of the blog will highlight some of the struggles (turned victory I hope) that I have with gaining healthy weight and my shot at consistency! Whether you want to lose or gain, we should all stay ACTIVE!

Working out pt. 1

My first attempt at working out in the gym with my little leech Caelyn ๐Ÿ™‚