Veggie of the week: SPINACH!

This week’s veggie is SPINACH!

Before eating cooked spinach at my in laws a while back, I don’t think I had it since Popeye was cool back in the day.

But I’m so thankful for my hubby and his parents introducing me to the finer things in life. LMBO!

On to the need to knows…

WHAT: Spinach. (Cooked, raw, canned, frozen)

WHEN: It’s available year round but it’s a cool season plant.

WHY: Spinach is full of protein, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamin A, & folate!

HOW: Add it to: a salad, omelette, stir fry, burrito, pasta, taco, smoothie OR just boil it and eat it. It’s so versatile! That’s why I love it!

Watch my quick video with more tips on preparing it!


BONUS!!! Wanna see some super cute kids prepare a special treat for their daddy?


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