#HealthyTipTuesday: Stop drugging your kids!

Soooo… I’ve been in between, to go hard or go easy! I think I’ve decided to go HARD! Why? Because your families deserve it. Point, blank, period.

As parents we really do the best that we can to keep our children out of harms way, right? I would say that 75% of this is true. The other 25% is probably just because we don’t know any better.

We all know that too much candy is bad. That sugar causes cavities, but what I think most parents are lacking is the knowledge behind the actual addiction that sugar creates. If we did, we probably wouldn’t opt for the quick bowl of cereal in the mornings or the breakfast bar, or the latte that we drink ourselves.

Sugar is a DRUG! No one thinks of it like that, I know! And I for one, don’t always avoid it in our household. My children will eat sweets ALL day if I let them.

Please bare with me over the next few weeks as I research the heck out of sugar and the dangerous effects that it has on our bodies. Most importantly, stay tuned for the positive ways to improve our health without going cold-turkey.

This is a really good video on how sugar affects the brain from TED Ed!



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