Baby’s 1st foods

With each of our babies, we always enjoy feeding them real food for the 1st time. With Camden (4 years old now), we started with pureed zucchini at 7 months, Cadence (2 years old now) with the same at 7 months, and Miss Caelyn (1 year old now) with bananas at 5 months.

As you see below, each of their reactions is different and pretty funny. I find it funny that their reactions to those foods really describe their personalities now! Camden LOVES to eat and will eat just about anything. Cadence is super picky and expressive and Caelyn is like, I’ll give it a shot and just smile!

This is our #ThrowbackThursday video, but over the next few days, I’ll share tips and tricks to getting ready to feed your baby their firstΒ real food!

****Oh yeah, today was day 1 of weaning Caelyn, the 1 year old! Pray for us!


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