#HealthyTipTuesday: Buy Organic!

I know, I know! It seems like it’s always something. And honestly, I feel that way too. But I can personally tell you that eating healthy doesn’t have to be that hard and it gets easier over time!

Once upon a time, you could take a trip to the grocery store and leave knowing your fruits and veggies were safe to eat! Unfortunately that’s not the case anymore. I hate to break it to you, but there’s a lot more on your veggies than the price tag!

I know it seems like “buying organic” is the popular thing to do and who has extra money to be popular? I know we don’t! However in my opinion it’s just the safest thing to do.

It’s like investing in shoes that you know will last a while versus those that look nice but are made cheaply and will tear up after a couple of wears. I hope that made sense and sorry to compare your food to shoes but that’s the best this #MommyBrain could do lol.

In case I haven’t sold you, check out this quick, yet informative video.


And in case that STILL hasn’t convinced you, check out this article about the hundreds of pesticides on strawberries.

As I said earlier, eating healthy andΒ safely doesn’t have to be hard… The Environmental Working Group devised a great list of fruits and veggies that you should definitely buy organic, “The Dirty Dozen” and then there are other fruits and veggies that are ok to buy conventionally (non-organic), “The Clean Fifteen”.

EWG-Dirty-DozenClean 15

Tips for buying organic:

  • Stay within your budget
  • Buy in bulk and freeze when prices are low(er).
  • Buy what’s in season.
  • Skip what’s too costly!

I will buy something from the Clean Fifteen list in a heartbeat versus spending $5 for 1 package of strawberries.





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