#WCW: Loving on MYSELF!


#WCW Excuse me while I give a shout out to MYSELF lol! Sometimes people say I’m too hard on myself, that I’m hyper critical, etc, etc. Honestly I just like to keep it real, but I will admit that I can be a little “extra” with the details of our lives at times. ๐Ÿ™‚

But cheers to me, a woman who has grown so much while remaining true to who I am. I love “networking” and have never been afraid to talk to anyone lol. ย ย So here I am at the screening of the movie, The Kids Menu with Joe Cross (creator of Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead).

This was one of those, “Welcome home hunny, dinner’s on the stove, gotta run type of nights” I love learning about all things healthy and what better way to have spent a night in a movie theater full of like minded people.

Fast forward to today…

Recently I’ve felt a strong urge to “do me” as most would say and truly work to fulfill these dreams that God has placed on my heart.

What are you proud of YOU for? Nothing coming to mind? Take a moment to pray and ask God to spark the fire inside of you that propels you to action! Trust me, your future self will be SO thankful!

P.S. – Since we’re loving on ourselves today, let me ask… Have you subscribed to my YouTube channel yet? It features this video of me stepping out on faith and “doing me” at The Black Family Expo.


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