Benefits of using a cast-iron skillet

My earliest memories of cast-iron skillets were from my mom cooking homemade pancakes, that she usually burned LOL. Let’s pray that she never reads this!!! 🙂

But I recently discovered ALL of the perks of using one. Our experience actually began when my husband looked at YouTube videos on cooking the perfect steak. I’m not sure if the stainless steel pan that he cooked it in was the problem, but THIS was pretty much the result…


Yeah, not cool right? Lol. We had to evacuate the whole house for about an hour after that incident.

So the search was on for a cast-iron skillet and thankfully, we didn’t have to look too far. We picked up a regular sized one at the local Kroger store for about $15.

Not only did the skillet solve my hubby’s steak issue, but it’s also been a big help for me as well AND my mother-in-law even mentioned that it fortifies your food with iron too!! So after a little googling, I discovered that she was right!

Thought I’d share what I learned! 🙂

Here ya go… 5 benefits of using a cast-iron skillet:

  1. Versatile! Can be used in both the oven and on top of the stove.
  2. Chemical free and after being well seasoned, it usually becomes non-stick. I’m pretty sure that I didn’t complete that process correctly so be better than me and watch this video on seasoning lol.
  3. Fortifies food with iron!! #WinWin
  4. Easy to clean. Who doesn’t want that?!
  5. Affordable! Clearly the most important aspect for most.

As you can see, I cook just about everything in mine!



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