3 things that keep our marriage healthy!



I wish I could say that every day is full of smiles like this picture! But if I did, I’d be lying.

I know most people post super mushy things for #MCM (Man Crush Monday) about how they TOTALLY love and adore there spouse and how they can’t imagine life without them!

I feel them. I really do. And honestly, I REALLY love and adore Austin too!!! And of course I can’t imagine life without him and Β really can’t even imagine how I survived before him (tear).


I’m not always the super happy wife. I would say half is me being in my feelings and half is probably a difference of opinion between the two of us. Lately, I’ve experienced this rather frequently!Β And I’m sure it doesn’t help that I’m just over 8 months pregnant.

You see, right now we’re in a huge time of transition and it requires A LOTΒ of sacrifice and compassion towards one another. It’s not always easy but we always get through it.

As I think about the moments where I’ve broken all of the “marriage rules”, I also think about a few things that keep our household together.

Here they are:

  1. Never use hurtful words! I’ve found that most times silence is better. This technique really works for us as it allows for us to step away, think about the other person’s position, pray, listen, and come back more patient and less emotional about the situation.
  2. Forgive and let it go! I know this is challenging at times especially if you’re a woman like me who remembers every – single – little detail about everything lol. But an easy way to grasp this concept is just to reverse the roles and think how you would feel if your spouse held everything that you’ve ever done over your head. I’m sure you’d feel like crap! So don’t do it them, ok? πŸ™‚
  3. Try to do something nice for the other person. Ok, I know this sounds absurd especially after a disagreement, but I’m sure your spouse really cares for you and doesn’t mean harm. So after doing the other 2 things that I mentioned and then this one, watch how quickly you’ll be back to snuggling and posting mushy things about them again. That’s the beauty of marriage, you’re together forever so you might as well enjoy every moment, good and bad!

Now, let me take my own advice and think of something nice to do :-/ lol

P.S.- I’ve never been so close to God; it’s amazing! He’s truly my best friend. I love y’all and all but I can’t get on here and post everything and I really don’t want to call a friend and gossip, so God it is… And the super cool thing is that he talks back and gives GREAT advice.

You should try it!

#MarriageRocks #NeverGiveUp #YoungAndMarried #FightTogetherNotEachOther



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