#TransformationTuesday … Growth!


This is our house. Technically, it’s just temporary as we’re renting from my parents-in-law, but you get it, it’s still ours!

I look at it and think back to 3 years ago when we were newly married, Camden was an infant and we were house hunting… We looked and looked and really couldn’t find anything that suited us for our budget. We even lost a bid on the last house that we looked at by like $200-300!!! I mean how close was that?!

Looking back, we understand that it probably wasn’t in God’s will for us to own a home or have the financial burden that comes along with it since Austin’s been on and off this entrepreneurial journey for a little while now. (Which is not glamorous as most think!)

However, I look at this house and see GROWTH! Not necessarily in it, or our expanding family lol, but in myself. We were preparing to move in and I was sooooo disappointed in it being our only option instead of being grateful that we even had ANΒ option! I hated the way it looked, wasn’t overly excited about the neighborhood, and overall I took a lot for granted. Thanks to our parents, we’ve made little improvements over time and currently, its much more appealing! (Ignore the pine straw in the driveway lol)

Now, years later, I look at it as HOME! Not permanently, but I’m so thankful for it. We have privacy, a yard for the kids, a quiet and safe neighborhood, storage for my junk 😊, and neighbors who don’t bother us. It’s just enough space… for now lol

I share my journey of growth because life is ever changing and you have to find the silver lining in things and just move forward. Honestly, becoming a Christian helped me out with this so very much. Before, I was entitled! I didn’t understand why things couldn’t happen on my timing and I put waaayyy too much pressure and responsibility on myself for making things happen. Now, I rest in the fact that God has his hands on us and as long as we keep pressing forward and being obedient, that all will work out for our good!

I’m still persistent (Austin can attest to that lol) but I try my best to allow God to lead my thoughts and actions and the peace that comes with that is priceless!

#TransformationTuesday #TrustTheProcess #HaveFaith #BeGrateful #StayHumble


2 thoughts on “#TransformationTuesday … Growth!

  1. tashase says:

    Thank God for growth. At different times, I have become impatient with my living situation, but I have to talk myself (and talk my baby daddy out of purchasing a house) out of getting in a struggling financial situation and a dangerous neighborhood, when I can just stay safe until whatever is to be comes to fruition. It’ll happen in 2017, I can feel it.

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    • TheFreshMom says:

      I think we all have those feelings at times and it’s totally ok! We just can’t let them take over forever. Things will work out for you… I would say make a plan to improve whatever situation you’re in but then again, I’d be giving advice that we don’t even take. Honestly, we try to be Spirit led in our decisions. It’s hard to relinquish control but being grateful for what you currently have makes the journey so much easier. Thanks for sharing!


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