Week in review 10/10 – 10/14… #McGuffieFamilyAdventures


“Impromptu fun”

I woke up that morning with a clear mind and an urge to find some activities for us to do outside the home. Austin and I actually had a night off Sunday and I had to pick the kids up from my dads. The easiest way for me to find things is just to check the local library calendars, (I actually wrote a post listing each library in the metro ATL area, check it out here) or to Google activities to do in Atlanta.  Although it was far from our house, I found a Toddler Time at the Toco Hills Library near Emory University.



Brother-sister love at its finest lol. I just told them to hug each other and smile and Camden gave these super-overprotective looks!!


After Toddler Time we had snacks outside on bench which included: apples, grapes, and homemade peanut butter crackers (just 2 Ritz crackers with organic peanut butter inside lol)

While leaving the library I accidentally turned around in a park of all places and before I could whip the car around, Camden spotted the playground. Silly me! So there we were, playing with every other child who was out of school for Columbus Day.




Attempting to be a real “ride or die mom” I took Cadence down this slide and it beat me up so bad! Why I decided to do that at almost 8 months preggo? I have NO idea!

Next up was Southern Belle Farms for their pumpkin patch! At this point I was SUPER tired but I had already told the kids that we’d visit so of course there was no reneging.


I love how they were so careful and focused while painting their pumpkins, which only cost $1 a piece by the way.



We didn’t do the corn maze or any of the other activities lol because we were on a mission to spend the least amount possible, so painting pumpkins for $2 it was. But if you’re interested, they have lots to do. Check their website out here!



“Chill day”

We just did what we do most days and had “fun” at home.

I prepped meals for the remainder of the week in anticipation of our trip to Statesboro. Why Statesboro you ask? Well my husband, Austin is working on a very important project down there and I begged for us to be able to go with him vs him leaving us home for 2+ days… More details on that project to come at a later time.




Top pic is a combination of: turkey burgers, spinach, roasted potatoes, grapes, salad, fresh salsa, and nachos. Next is a mixture of: …asparagus, baked potatoes, fish, chicken, eggs, snack food, etc… And the bottom pic is a variety of veggie juice and smoothies; yes I recycle jars. 🙂

Although prepping was HARD work it was really rewarding. There’s just something about being able to cook fresh food for my family that gives me energy (and makes me tired at the same time lol) no matter the time of day.

Before heading off to bed, the kids even had their own meal prepping session. Roasted onions and potatoes were on the menu 🙂



“Road trip time”

After going to bed at 2am, I woke up at 5:00am, meaning I only got 3 hours of sleep :.-( Somehow I had a burst of energy and managed to help pack all of our belongings before heading out for our 3 hour drive to Statesboro. Thankfully, Austin drove the entire way and I was able to nap!

Upon arriving we stopped by “The Project” to check on the progress of the place and I’m happy to say that things are coming along nicely. 🙂 Promise that I’ll share more details later but I’ve been forbidden at the moment lol.

Next, we stopped by the local library for Toddler Time and of course it was just wrapping up as we arrived (womp womp…story of my life). It’s ok though, because they had a really nice children’s area and the kids still got to play while I caught my breath.

They even had a cool step stool in the kid’s bathroom. I always appreciate a place so much more when they make life as a mom easier!


The primary goals of this trip were…

  1. For Austin to handle his business.
  2. For us to spend as least money as possible.

So we debated about where to stay for the next two nights and ended up checking into the Days Inn 😦  It was not the best environment but I guess it wasn’t the worst either. It was definitely an experience though!


The microwave in the room didn’t work initially so we found the dining room in the lobby and it worked out well. Here, the kids are eating eggs and chicken as an afternoon “snack”.


They’re always happy campers after being fed. Typical toddlers I guess!

And now we move on to the BEST part of the day!


I’d be lying if I said they slept peacefully all night. Cadence actually fell onto the floor but amazingly she stayed asleep the whole time. Thanks to Austin waking up, she wasn’t there for long. #ConfessionOfARealParent



“Mini getaway to Savannah”

We ate breakfast as a family then the kids and I headed to Savannah which was only an hour away. Thankfully, there’s a lot to do there; much more than there is in Statesboro!

However, there was a CATCH! Remember we were on a super tight budget so the few places that I wanted to checkout we couldn’t 😦 however, they do offer free ferry rides and just being in a different place was cool for both the kids and I.


“Get-to-go-back-home day!!!”

Though it wasn’t expansive, I was able to get my hotel breakfast fix and ate waffles and oatmeal, a change from the eggs and potatoes that we were eating previously. After that we packed our stuff and checked out of that place! 🙂


(Eggs and potatoes mentioned before)


BYE BYE Days Inn!!!!!!!

Austin had a few hours left of work to do so we found a local park. To my surprise there were like 50 preschoolers running around. It was instant fun for Camden and like a war-zone in my eyes. There was even a duck pond too! Can I get an Amen for FREE fun!


Can’t believe they liked those wasabi almonds and raisins. At one point, almonds made me nervous with Cadence but she’s proven to be a big girl and can handle them now.

Camden and pb&j.jpg

He said, “Mommy can I spread the jelly myself?” and I obliged. Honestly, I wanted to hurry and do it for him but I was recently inspired by a podcast that stressed letting kids do age appropriate things in the kitchen and spreading jelly was simple enough.


She gets so much joy from the simple things in life… being a big girl, sitting by herself, and just overall calling her own shots. Sometimes it’s a struggle but other times, it’s just cute 🙂

After leaving the park, we picked Austin up but couldn’t take our pre-planned meals anymore so we got….cookoutlogoI know! I’m shocked too!!

I drove the entire 3 hours home while Austin and Cadence rested, Camden requested songs from Spotify over and over (a mixture of Daniel Tiger, Neyo, and Andy Mineo), and I listened to Healthy Eating podcasts. Thank God I didn’t fall asleep…

That evening we all walked into our house more grateful than ever before! I’ve never been so excited to cook a meal, wash the dishes, make up our beds, or even to have a variety of shows for the kids to watch on tv lol.

Overall, our trip was an experience! Juggling two, little people in a 100 sq. ft. room was challenging, storing and heating prepared food was challenging, finding activities for FREE was challenging, but it wasn’t impossible and that’s what I’m most grateful for. Next up is a blog post about how I kept my sanity, or honestly at times how I lost it but quickly regrouped. Here’s a quick hint… But GOD! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Week in review 10/10 – 10/14… #McGuffieFamilyAdventures

  1. Triby Jackson says:

    You’re amazing, mama! Statesboro is a college town so I’m not surprised you went to Savannah. My son is at Ga Southern and I don’t think he thinks he can graduate too soon.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • TheFreshMom says:

      Hey! Yeah there’s not much to do but it was a nice change from the hustle and bustle of Atlanta. I thought I remembered seeing you post about him being at Southern. He’ll love Austin’s project then 🙂 I’ll keep you posted with updates!


  2. tashase says:

    Lol, at Camden looking like the secret service. I never heard of toddler time! MUST FIND ONE NOW. lol. That step stool Camden used in the bathroom, they make them for the kitchen so kids can help. I want one so bad but my Grandma basically said heck no, not in her kitchen. So in due time. And oh no, not cookout, anything but cookout.

    Liked by 1 person

    • TheFreshMom says:

      Haha! Camden was trippin that day lol. Toddler time was much like storytime, just a little more interactive.

      And I’d love to have a heavy duty step stool like that. We’re currently using a one step, flimsy one.

      LOL at your grandma!! Covers face in shame about Cookout 🙂


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