My Momma Can Cook UPDATE!

As you all know, I competed in the My Momma Can Cook Contest at the 3rd Annual Black Family Expo back in February, can’t believe how I late I am with posting this… (covers face in embarrassment)

Unfortunately, I didn’t win 😦 BUT I had a lot of fun and got a little bit of exposure.  Honestly, I’m not surprised about not winning, after-all who wants “Sugarless Strawberry Zucchini cupcakes right?” Lol!

Well those black folk sure didn’t! LMBO! A couple of the judges actually seemed impressed but the others were like “Ehh, no thanks!” The 2 most used words after tasting them were “It’s different!”

Even before the actual competition began, I laughed at myself and said, “Fantasia what are you doing? These people just want food that tastes good, not necessarily food that’s good for them.”  And although I proved myself right, I am sooo happy that I used that platform to do what I love doing– talking! Lol Ok, no really, I love educating people on better ways of doing things by way of very lengthy conversations. 🙂

Here, you can view the video yourself! It’s a little on the lengthy side, but you’ll enjoy it!

I look at this picture and laugh at the day that I had prior to arriving…  I designed and printed marketing info. for my husband’s booth at the expo (Genesis Auto Network), my mom took an emergency trip to the hospital, and you know regular mom life can be quite challenging at times. But I’m so glad that I didn’t give up!

This is my fake, I’m so tired but I have to keep pushing smile.

Expo 1

How my day was supposed to go:

  • Prepare my cupcakes the night before.
  • Perfect the coconut cream icing.
  • Create a booklet of healthier alternatives to cooking and have them for sale.
  • Dress kids in extra cute clothes.
  • Arrive at the expo hours earlier to explore and talk with other vendors.
  • Compete. Win. Go home!


How it really went:

  • Got a call in the wee hours of morning (3am to be exact) from my mom about some pains that she had.
  • Stayed awake until 6:30am and prepared my husbands marketing material for his booth at the expo.
  • Made a last minute trip to Walmart.
  • Came home, started daily tasks with children.
  • Baked cupcakes.
  • Attempted coconut cream icing.
  • Trashed coconut cream icing.
  • Made back-up cream cheese icing.
  • Threw screaming children in their car seats.
  • Made a pit stop then headed to the expo for the competition.
  • Arrived at the expo and immediately snuck in the family bathroom with 1 yr old. Flat ironed hair and changed baby girl.
  • Sat down for 5 minutes while I nursed baby girl and attempted to ice cupcakes (BIG THANK YOU to my friend Tiffany for the impromptu piping tutorial).
  • Competition started…
  • Lost. Went home! Lol

So here I am with the other contestants before they announced the winner.


Meet Krystal, the winner of the contest aka owner of Ife’s Fine Catering! I can’t remember her exact dish and I hate that I didn’t taste it 😦 but she was really sweet!


Introducing Mr. Leftovers! He does this quite frequently now and I dread the day that he does it in public. It seems like he’s SO hungry & we don’t feed him at home lol. Story behind the pic: We got home after the competition and he went straight for the cupcake batter bowl. Since it was eggless, I really didn’t mind him endulging.

Here’s the recipe for the cupcakes.

**I added 1 cup of organic zucchini and used non-gmo, wheat flour instead of spelt flour. And I attempted this coconut cream icing but ended up with a simple cream cheese icing instead.

At the last minute, I kinda cheated on my “sugarless” recipe but I didn’t give in totally. The cream cheese icing required powdered sugar and being the stubborn health-nut that I am, I made my own with corn starch and coconut sugar. Which by the way sounds good but I’m finding out that it’s not much different than regular sugar 😦 (I’ll elaborate in another post)

Cadence cupcake

Despite the judges not caring for my cupcakes, my heart is happy knowing that my little ones do and will eat them every chance they get!

As I mentioned before, some really good things came out of the contest and this is one of them. I finally designed and printed business cards! The Fresh Mom - business cards
Next year, I plan to have a booth of my own to educate the attendees on healthier ways of preparing meals and who knows I might even enter that contest again, let’s just hope Whole Foods sponsors it next time 🙂 (I have no idea what I would have done with a 24 person dinner from Popeyes lol!)



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