Happy Birthday Mama!


Looking at those pictures above makes me a little emotional. In them, I see a young woman who adores her baby girl and who probably based her whole life on her children.

I actually see myself in her! 

And I’m ok with that. Why? Because she is so giving, loving and straightforward (probably too much at times) lol. That lady is my mom and today is her birthday!

So while we celebrate her life and all that God has given her, I thank her for all that she has sacrificed for me. I’m definitely learning that parenting isn’t easy and as much as we want our children to be like us and do the right thing, we have to accept them for them. We had our rough patch when I left home and got married which oftentimes happens between mother and daughter but all is well now and she even seeks advice from me now believe it or not!! 

But seriously, thanks for EVERYTHING!

Love you and Happy Birthday! 

Your baby girl ๐Ÿ˜Š


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