$1 or $1 million…Support is ALWAYS key!

pitch party pic

OMG this picture brings back so many memories!

Austin just won a pitch competition at our school, Georgia State University for a start-up that he was working on with another partner and although the prize money was only $250, it meant so much! Here’s a write-up about that event.

It was the first time that he competed for money in front of judges, strangers, and his entire family!  I remember texting all of his family for the first time ensuring that everyone would be there in support of him and it was awesome to see it all come together!

We were only dating then (our way, definitely not God’s lol).  He was 20 (almost 21) and I had just turned (cough) 24! We were 2 people full of dreams, ambition, and we were completely fearless!

Little did we know that living our way would leave us pregnant with Camden later that year…story for another post.  But 2012 was a year full of so many memories!

And although things are SO different now, 1 thing remains the same…. We still SUPPORT one another, no matter what! Of course it gets challenging at times. I mean we all experience fear and the need to be in control of everything every once in a while. But when you truly love someone and you know that they’re connected to and led by God, showing support is a no brainer and the least that you can do.

So I encourage you all today to SUPPORT your spouses! Not sometimes, not just when you feel like it, but always!  God placed you together for a reason and you need each other to make it through this crazy world!

Back then in 2012, Austin was just raising a few thousand dollars and now he’s negotiating deals for hundreds of thousands and honestly, the support is still the same.  I mean we have a lot more to lose now than then but the possibilities are still endless.

*Note: I said negotiating hundreds of thousands not making LMBO! One day though!*

Seriously though, support requires communication. So that means that you actually have to talk to your spouse lol!  Take a little time to ask them what their dreams are. Ask them what they would do if money wasn’t a factor and see how you can fit into those dreams and eventually help make them a reality.

We ALL need a little encouragement sometimes and I pray that this served that purpose for you today!

P.S. – Out of 6 brothers, I definitely married the risky one! Stay tuned for more updates on the ups and downs of our entrepreneurial journey 🙂




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