~Cadence’s 1st Birthday~

On February 6th we celebrated little Miss Cadence’s 1st birthday at our home with lots of family and friends! Thanks to everyone who helped and came out!

Here’s a recap in pictures. Β Video will come one day… But I can’t make any promises πŸ˜‰


Cover photoCOLLAGE

~ Decor ~

Cadence letters 1

Got a little creative one night…

Cadence letters 2

The finished product!


Month 1 & 2

The famous month pictures! Ashamed to say that I stopped at 2 lol ButΒ that’s nothing new for me smh.

Fantasia tbt

My mom brought this over a while ago from my old room at her house. I upcycled it….

Cadence Alana

And voila!

Gift tableFlowers 1

Flowers 2

Wall art 2

Wall art 1waterTable1-Cadence


My 1st time making a balloon wall. It’s not perfect but you get the picture. Thanks to my husband for hanging them! I love the look of balloons but HATE them at the same time!

the aftermath

The aftermath!

~ Food~


Special ingredient for the cupcakes


Can you guess what kind of food we had?! I’ve learned that people really don’t care for beans lol

Veggie meal

I tried to look out for the vegetarians but this never got cooked! I see how they’re usually overlooked. I meant well!

organic food

Quick story behind this… I sent a last minute grocery list to Pops, my father in law and he comes back with this…. All organic. I would have definitely bought the “regular” stuff for the sake of the party. Can you tell where the bougie (healthy) eating habits come from? I blame/thank GG! πŸ™‚

Austin and pizza

So I felt bad for the kids and ordered pizza! What’s a party without it. They’re lucky that I didn’t have time to make that too lol.


They were more like muffins lol. But I bet no one knew they had zucchini in them! Thank you to my bestie, Muqita for icing them at the last minute. <– SORRY!

~ Family~


I pray that we ALWAYS have a good relationship! Right now we’re best friends because I’m her food supply! Haha!

Austin and Cadence 1

Daddy’s Girl for sure!!!

Mommy &amp; Cadence

She looks like me, right?!

family pic 2 w: Cadence

Cadence candle

I just love her! The lit candle quickly got replaced after she tried to touch it! #Safety1st

Camden &amp; Cadence, cake

Camden and Cadence 1


Camden and Cadence2

Love their little bond!

Mommy and Camden.jpg

Grandma Mama Cadence

LOVE them!!! 3 generations πŸ™‚

Grandma and Cadence

She is the sweetest lady! Love her soooo much!!

Grandma Sheila and Cadence

Ok, now I see the resemblance!


GG! My mother-in-law πŸ™‚


GG and Cadence 1

Thanks for the love and support! You’re the best! Ok, maybe I shouldn’t say THE best because it’s so many of y’all but you know what I mean lol!

Dad, Shirley, and us

My dad and stepmom! They’re always so encouraging and supportive!!

Cadence Tori 1

Uncle Tori!

Tori and Cadence 1

The best impromptu event planner/photographer/coordinator around! Well I guess you do have some experience πŸ™‚ Seriously, thank you for everything!

Grammee and Cadence

Grammee!!! I’m SO saddened that we didn’t get a picture of your delicious cheesecake 😦 She made 2 of the best cheesecakes for the party! They definitely saved me from my muffin cupcakes lol. Thank you Grammee for everything!

Drew &amp; Cadence

Uncle Drew! He always gives really good gifts πŸ™‚ Sometimes we already have them, but it’s the thought that counts lol!!


Uncle Blane! Camden’s favorite playmate!

Stephanie and Cadence

Thanks Stephanie for everything! You have the magic touch with kids πŸ™‚

Kolbi &amp; Cadence

Oh Kolbi! The baby whisperer lol. If there’s an event and she is there (and Uncle Blane), you know your kids are in good hands!


Aunt Marilyn! My mom’s best friend since 4th grade!


Shiloh and Cadence

Uncle Shiloh! I replaced Β him as the 7th child πŸ™‚

Me, mama, and Gma

My crew!


Mama, gma, and me

Check out my grandma’s boots! She’s so cute πŸ™‚

Aunt Lois and Cadence

Aunt Lois! Thanks for all of your support πŸ™‚

Gma, Aunt, Mama

I’m sure they had a ball giggling in the corner!

Dada &amp; shirley

An intricate part of our support system!

Paquita and Cadence

Auntie Paquita! So glad you could make it after your flight πŸ™‚

Shiloh &amp; Madison

Getting practice Shiloh?! Madison is the sweetest baby ever!

Tori and Stephanie

The 2 responsibleΒ behind the bubble machine! Keep scrolling….


Β ~ Fun ~

Bubbles 2

BUBBLES! A gift my brother and his girlfriend.


Bubbles 1

This is a gift that gets hidden lol. Camden is ADDICTED to bubbles!

Austin and kids

Austin entertaining the kids!

Austin and Nick

The daddies doing what they do best! Thanks Nick!

~ Friends ~

Us and Tasha &amp; Raven

Tasha aka TheSweetestVegan (type that into YouTube NOW)


Elliott!! Camden’s best friend πŸ™‚


Thanks Trunae! So nice seeing you again. It’s been years!

Tasha &amp; Raven 2

Raven is another sweet baby! Thanks for celebrating with us!

Mrs. Vernitta

Mrs. Vernetta! Thanks for celebrating with us!


~ The Outtakes~

Cadence 1


She’s so silly!

Family pic 1

Pretty much how our family pictures ALWAYS turn out!

tables and chairs

Hopefully this is the last time that I’ll have to rent tables and chairs… Can you say event rental company coming soon?! Thanks to my dad for transporting them!


Whew! The end. 1 birthday down and 1 to go (Camden’s is March 29th). Thankfully I LOVE party planning! Pretty sure my husband is rolling his eyes by now πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “~Cadence’s 1st Birthday~

  1. M. Roberts says:

    What an awesome post!! Thank you for sharing!! & I’m glad I was there to ice the cupcakes, that made one less thing or you to worry about!! #CadenceTurnsOne


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