Quick 5 minute breakfast

Are y’all’s husbands like mine? You know, hop out of the bed in the morning, throw on clothes, brush teeth, give the kids a fist bump, kiss you goodbye and walk out the door?!

This drives me nuts! Slightly because he can do all of that in 5 minutes and it takes me hours to get out the house, but moreso because he hasn’t eaten breakfast!!

Today we agreed that we would talk about his morning the night before and set a time that he needs to be gone. ย Unfortunately, today I didn’t have that luxury. So while he was starting the car and gathering last minute things, I hurried and whipped something up…. In [5] minutes!!

That was a record for me.

It wasn’t fancy but it should have held him over until lunchtime. By the way, I didn’t get to send him with that either :-/


Camden and veggies

He insisted on helping!


The one cup blender makes my job a lot easier.

Smoothie w: ingredients

Beware, this has the veggie texture so if you don’t care for that,ย maybe juicing everything would be better.

So he had 2 eggs with cheese on this honey, 7 grain bread that I bought with a coupon ๐Ÿ™‚ and a smoothie with most of the things listed above. ย I didn’t perfect it until he left. ย So his didn’t have any honey which means it might have been a little nasty lol.

Let’s pray that he drank it!

Overall, this was a super simple and fast breakfast that anyone can try.


2 thoughts on “Quick 5 minute breakfast

  1. Triby Jackson says:

    I’m bad about sending my hubby into the world w/out breakfast. We do read a scripture and pray together in the mornings, then he’s off in the shower and I nap another hour or so. I should just get on up at 5 & fix his breakfast and then go back to sleep for 30 mins before I have to get up & get ready. See what had happened was….


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