Happy Birthday to Us!

Sunday, January 3rd was really MY birthday! But the more and more I reflect on what life is all about, I realize that it’s not just about me anymore.  I know you’re like, “But shouldn’t this one day be about you, without performing your regular motherly and wife duties?!” Just me alone at the spa or something. The answer is yes and no!  You see, a few years ago I would’ve planned a huge birthday party to celebrate ME. Tons of people would have been there to dance, drink, and have fun in my honor. (See pics below)  And the next day, everyone would have been back to their regular schedule.


As I get older, I’m realizing that celebrating life is about so much more than what I do on one single day out of the year.  People who care about me will celebrate [with] me all year long and I’d like to return the favor.

So answering yes to that earlier question would have allowed my day to go like this…

1. Wake up.

2. Leave my children with their grandparents.

3. Go to church. Be on time for church.

4. Leave and go to dinner or do something with the whole family.

Well my day actually ended up like this…

1. I woke up.

2. I had a little time for myself before everyone else got up so I decided to pray, listen to some worship music and flat iron my entire head <- something I never get to do when we’re normally rushing out of the house.

3. We got the kids ready for church.  Yeah, they didn’t make it to my dad’s house because they had prior engagements.  Honestly, if I really wanted to ship them off I could have asked my husband’s parents to keep them.  But it wasn’t that big of a deal and I want them to get acclimated to being around the other kids at church without having us around all of the time. Oh yeah, I can’t leave out the most important part… they need to learn about Jesus too!! 🙂

4. Then we picked my brother in law up.  I actually invited him to church days before and he accepted on Saturday evening.  I was very excited that he was going, however, as time slipped away from us and I remembered that he was 30 minutes out of the way, I started to get that ‘It’s all about ME!’ attitude.  Thankfully I quickly snapped out of that and decided to go with the flow and rejoice that God was answering my prayers to bring other people closer to Him.

5. We arrived at church about 5-10 minutes into the sermon and I thought that if I prepped Camden and got him excited about seeing his ‘friends’ the chances of him staying in children’s church would have been greater.  (I use quotes around friend because he really doesn’t know all of them and in the grown up world, we wouldn’t dare call random people our friends.  I guess associates would be a better term) But nope! That didn’t work!

He was excited to see the kids but was like “Mommy and daddy, you come too!”  Since we were already late and they were in the middle of the children’s church routine, Austin decided to stay with him.  I’m pretty sure he didn’t think he would be in there the whole time though. Lol! Actually upon arriving, we told my brother in law, Lance to save us a seat and that we would be back after dropping the kids off.  Let’s just say we were there in spirit but our physical bodies definitely stayed upstairs smh! Poor Lance!

Because Miss Cadence is a little more vocal now and would probably drown out the Pastor, I headed to the only place that would accept us… the nursery.  Kinda glad we ended up there because I was able to lend a helping hand too.  Since we never made it downstairs, we’ll definitely be watching the replay of that sermon at home.  Even in the midst of a little chaos, I still enjoyed myself and yet again realized that it’s not all about ME, even on my birthday!

6. Church ended. We got into the car and my husband surprised me with some cool news…

Here are pictures from my last 4 birthdays…

Can you tell that it hasn’t been just about me in a long time? LOL

2011 – at 24, life slowed down a lot for me. Austin and I were dating and we had a very small gathering at a Mexican restaurant.

2012 – at 25, I was newly engaged and 6 months pregnant. Again we had an intimate gathering at a pizza restaurant.

2013 – at 26, we dropped Camden off, went out on the town, and a couple of glasses of wine later, we came back with these lovely masterpieces.  Ok, I really didn’t drink that much, after-all I was still nursing at the time.

2014 – at 27, I begged my husband to take me to the Georgia Aquarium where I had free admission as the birthday girl and Camden was also free being under 2 years old lol.  Oh. And I was pregnant then too!

new life collage

and finally this year at 28, here we are! And I’m happy to say that I’m NOT pregnant 🙂

28 group pic

Stay tuned for the rest of my/our birthday recap!


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Us!

  1. Allison D says:

    It’s been so beautiful to see your journey unfold…thank you for sharing your wise insight and revelation. Amazing!

    (Is it bad that I was around for a few of those “me” birthdays?! Lol)

    Liked by 1 person

    • TheFreshMom says:

      You’re welcome Allison!! I definitely have more to share as my prayer has been for God to use me and this blog to encourage others. And lmbo!! You sure were around and no it’s not bad at all. Glad I have friends to share those memories. Now we can celebrate our growth together 🙂


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