8 years later & I FINALLY got ‘IT’ #FlashbackFriday

This time last year I was taking my last set of finals EVER! I was also 8 months pregnant with Cadence. It took me [8] WHOLE years to graduate from GA State! That’s double the time that it’s supposed to take.

So obviously I took a couple of breaks, misaligned a few priorities, spent way too much money, overcommitted to a few jobs and 1 too many organizations…

But all in all, I finished what I started! I really did enjoy being a part of the college community. There was just something about the ability to share ideas with other future thought leaders and the schoolwork itself wasn’t that bad either.

My last couple of years were actually the best in terms of focus and commitment which yielded awesome grades. You would think it would’ve been harder to get everything done being newly married, having 2 children, taking 6 classes per semester and an internship but it really did seem easier.

So looking back on previous years, I can only attribute my current success (peace of mind, determination, confidence, etc) to my new relationship with Christ. Before, I tried to do it all on my own and look where that got me smh. I was trying and trying and getting in my own way because I thought, I knew best.

Once I learned that I could develop a relationship with God on my own and cast my worries onto him, things really started to change for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I always had help and support from friends and family and that made a HUGE difference. But knowing that I could pray and have faith about any situation really did it for me.

Whether I was tired from the daily duties of being a wife, mom to a then 1 year old, on top of being pregnant or overwhelmed by the unnecessary and endless group projects (lol), I just prayed my way through and truly believed that everything was ok.  Fantasia 3+ years ago would have been smiling on the outside but freaking out on the inside.  Those 30 minute drives, twice a week, between my house and Georgia State made all the difference in my prayer life.  It seemed to be the only time that I had peace and quiet and could talk to and worship God.

If you are in a place in life similar to the state that I was in, allow me to encourage you… Take a step back and let God takeover!  It’s also helpful to have a community of believers around you too because at times it will be hard but if you have others praying for and believing in you, the chances of you persevering are so much greater.

I pray that my transparency inspires you or someone you know to keep going! Please don’t quit. Even if you amass tons of debt and a GPA that you’re not too proud about, look on the bright side and be thankful for God bringing you this far.


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