Maple syrup or sugar: Which is better?

Camden eating oatmeal 1

We haven’t eaten oatmeal in a while but this morning we had to due to our depleted egg stash.  It just seems like you need eggs for EVERYTHING! Any type of homemade recipe that I could think of needed eggs.  Guess I’ll stock up on some vegan recipes so I won’t totally miss a “good” breakfast due to my lack of ingredients.

So about this oatmeal…  My husband kinda despises it for a few reasons…

  1. It’s nasty to him without tons of sugar or raisins in every spoonful.
  2. It has a laxative effect! None of us like this one, especially not when you’re rushing out the house to go to work :-/
  3. With numbers 1 & 2 combined, he’d rather just be hungry lol

Camden and I on the other hand, enjoy it! For me, it has to be the old fashioned rolled oats and it takes about 30-45 minutes to really get the right, smooth texture.  Since we don’t have a microwave anymore, I’m talking about boiling it on the stove.

I always add a little sugar and about a tablespoon or two of butter.  I know it’s not healthy but for some reason, I like the buttery taste.  For Camden, I usually add some type of fruit (chopped apples, bananas, strawberries, mangoes, etc) and some cinnamon.  No butter for him and definitely no processed sugar.  [Confession, I tried slipping some into his oatmeal one day and my husband was like, “Why are you doing that? He doesn’t know the difference!”  Ever since then, I substitute it with things that are naturally sweet.]

Today, I added strawberries, pineapples, a little cinnamon and maple syrup.  I thought the maple syrup would be a good idea and I even used it for myself instead of sugar.  But then I read the bottle and was instantly confused lmbo!! Gonna have to do a little research and get back with y’all on this one….

Oatmeal & syrup 1

fruitSo we normally buy organic fruit, especially those on the dirty dozen list but my dear husband went grocery shopping in a hurry and he said that’s all they had.  If your husbands are like mine, they get whatever is most convenient.  Look it’s chopped and even packaged nicely, but check out that PRICE :-/ The “husband shopping trip” is a topic for another post!  It was the thought that counted though lol.

sugar front

sugar back

My questions/observations are: (don’t judge me!)

  1. The sugar says 4 grams per serving size or 4 grams per 1 teaspoon.  I really don’t know how many teaspoons I usually add. Guess I’ll have to start paying attention!
  2. The maple syrup says 53 grams per serving size or 1/4 cup!  At first glance, how in the heck am I supposed to know how many teaspoons = 1/4 of a cup?!  And don’t you measure solids differently than liquids? UGH!

Syrup- front
syrup - back
Sometimes I get why people choose the more convenient options! Sadly, those choices usually end up being the unhealthiest in the long run!  Anyone care to help? I know the answer is just a few Google searches away.  But this busy mama just doesn’t have the time…


The Fresh Mom aka The lady who is figuring out life day by day, throws on a smile and just appears to have it all together!


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