Hope I don’t get sick!

I got this container of hummus over a week ago from Kroger. My intention was to eat it immediately but of course things didn’t work like that.

Anyway today is trash day and while hurrying to clean out the fridge, I came across it.  You see that big orange sticker?  It was conveniently placed over the “Best Before” date.  To my surprise the date was today! 😦  Although I was slightly skeptical when opening it, I took a chance…


I was just going to use it as dip until I saw the directions and decided to get a little creative!


Don’t judge me for the appearance but this is how it turned out and it was zummy!!! (as Camden used to say around 18 months lol) I spread the hummus on pita bread, sprinkled a little mozzarella cheese and added leftover turkey from Thanksgiving.


Like Hummus? What flavors do you enjoy the most and how do you normally use it?

My goal is to try one new thing per week! I’ll keep you all updated with my journey and I hope you’ll join me too 🙂



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