Ladies, we MUST take a step back!


My husband, Austin and son, Camden in 2013! His top goals are to be a good example and to raise respectful children.


I’ve been struggling with being consistent with this blog for a little while now.  I always have tons of topics to write about, after all I’m a new mom of two, new wife, new Christian, new to eating healthy, and who knows what else but things never seem to get posted!

I think I have it figured out now though!  I have to post as soon as I feel convicted to or else, the urge will just fade away.  Since I can’t always get to a computer, I think I’ll even step outside of my comfort zone and record myself on my phone and then type it out later.

So this just happened earlier today….

We came in the house from taking advantage of the beautiful Fall weather here in Georgia and Camden smelled the fries from our Zaxby’s order.


Yes I said fries and yes I said Zaxby’s. LOL!  So the purpose of the blog is to share our journey to a healthier life.  Journey, insinuating that it’s a process and not always easy!

Camden immediately wanted fries upon walking inside.  The agreement was that he could have a couple of fries after he used the potty and washed his hands.  Yes, we’re still potty training!  Well of course the 2 year old “reasoning” began to kick in.  He didn’t want to do anything else but eat his fries.  He actually refused to walk up the steps to the kitchen and started playing a game similar to Keep Away with his body.

Neither of us felt like dealing with the impending 2 year old tantrum so we gave each other that OMG look and my husband proceeded to pick Camden up and escort him to the potty.  While in there, Camden refused to pee.  So he cried.  And cried like his WHOLE world was ending smh.  Unlike other times when he would just say, “Ok, we’ll try in a few more minutes,” my husband made him stay in there and repeatedly asked him to stop crying and to try to push.

That went on for about 10 minutes.  You’re probably thinking the same thing that I was… “Maybe he just didn’t have to go!”  As much as I wanted to interrupt and save Camden from the trauma lol.  I didn’t. Well, I attempted to gently suggest that he just try again later, but my husband turned around and gave me that, “I got this look” lol.  So I left with the 9 month old in tow and headed back to the kitchen.

If you heard your child crying for 10 minutes, what would you do?!

If you’re a seasoned mom, you’d probably say, “Oh, he’s cool. It’s good for him.” But if you’re a newer mom like me, your heart would probably be a little more sensitive and you’d feel the urge to intervene.  Well I’m here to encourage you guys to let your husbands do their jobs!  We want them to protect us and to lead us in every other situation so why not with discipling our children too?

After briefly thinking about the situation, I was able to appreciate my husband’s willingness to be patient yet firm with Camden and I’m sure he didn’t want to hear him cry just as much as I didn’t.  But it’s about respect.  And at 2 years old you don’t have the reasoning abilities to make good decisions for yourself and you definitely don’t tell your parents what you want to do and when you want to do it.  I’m all for talking things out but I’ll never condone defiance.

So ladies, please support your husbands!  You are a unit, a team and you must have one another’s backs!  I can’t say that I have completely figured this out but I can say that I’m a whole lot better than I used to be.  Instead of having so much to say, try staying calm and as quiet as you can and if it’s absolutely necessary discuss the situation and your feelings in a private conversation later.  Never in front of your children.  If your toddler is anything like mine, they hear, sense, and repeat everything and division is not something that you want them to pick up on.

No, it won’t be easy all the time.  Yes, it’s a learned skilled but submission is a must if you want your marriage to work.  Sorry to be the one to break it to ya… And it’s not such a bad thing, it’s actually beautiful when you look at the grand scheme of life and how families are designed to work.  Our pastor recently preached a series on A Godly Household and walked us through the principle of submission in marriage.

I’ll post more about those sermons later but this was on my heart to share right now.  Hope our journey helps!

***Oh yeah, guess who pee peed in the potty after calming down?  And he was SO proud of himself afterward 🙂



After eating, Austin took Camden out to blow the pine straw and they got to spend some more quality time together 🙂





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