Couponing 101

I wish this post was full of first-hand experience on how to save TONS of money using coupons but it isn’t!  Mainly because I’m still figuring it out myself.  And to be honest, it’s not as easy as I thought!

I love saving money like the next person but I’ve never been committed to being super organized or even getting hip to the coupon lingo.  But lately I’ve gotten the urge to find a new hobby and I’m up for the challenge, or at least I am for the time being lol.


There’s just something therapeutic about clipping coupons to me!

How I got started

I always use the personalized coupons that Kroger sends and the digital coupons as well.  If time permits, I will also try to print a manufacturer’s coupon for things, mostly for diapers and wipes.  But the topic of purposefully couponing just came up recently while talking to my best friend.  Honestly, she’s been pretty helpful with the whole process.  Did I mention that we’re complete newbies, and just started like 2 weeks ago? Lol

She tried her best to explain her method over the phone the other night, but between letting my 9 month old use my finger as her teething ring and spying on my 2 year old, I didn’t get a good grasp.

So like with most other things that you aren’t familiar with in life, you Google it!

One of the first links in the search results was this one: “Couponing 101”

To my surprise this site is AWESOME! She is so helpful, organized and down to earth.  She lets you know up front that couponing isn’t a way to “get rich quick” and encourages responsible couponing (one of the things that I really like).

She has tons of short articles on how to get started, like:

You can view the full list here.

After reading just a few of the posts, I was convinced that this would be my go-to site for couponing lessons.  UNTIL…. I clicked on her Instagram page only to find nothing about couponing and instead posts about her family.  Long story short, she was running the couponing site for 7 years straight with tons of weekly updates, links, posts, etc.   And one day she admitted to herself that it was just way too much and she was burned out!

Although I was let down after being so excited just 5 minutes prior, I was thankful for her honesty.  Even as a new blogger, I understand the feeling of being overwhelmed and the urge to quit.  Her transparency definitely sold me as a follower!  As far as the couponing goes, I still plan to search every inch of her site in hopes of becoming a mini expert.

imageI got this last night at Kroger…  You can’t beat $3.99 for double the coupons right? Ok so I only saved a $1 by buying the bundle, but it’s a start right? Lmbo

image And today I found an old notebook to start my collection.  It’s not perfect but I like it!

New to couponing? Start the journey with me!

Vet in the game?  Pay it forward and leave some tips and helpful resources below 🙂


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