More poop = More FREE stuff!!

I think of topics for blog posts all the time and sometimes I might get a little lucky and even have a catchy title to match.  Other times you get titles like the one above lol!  Mommybrain is serious and with a huge lack of time nowadays, I just try to get straight to the point.

Once upon a time I dreamed of only using cloth diapers for my 1st baby and then before you know it, 10 months flew by and the baby was here.  The hospital graced us with a few packs of diapers during our visit and thanks to family and friends boxes were waiting on us when we got home.  Raise your hand if you turn down free diapers!  Right, me neither.  Soooo disposable diapers it was…

Since I try my best to recycle I was stashing all of the clear bags that the diapers came in, until one of my friends told me that I could collect the stickers inside of them.  I think she even tried to persuade me to give her mine since I was tossing them out before anyway lol.  I was like, “Hold up?!  I actually get something out of this?”


I only have experience with Pampers and Huggies but I’m sure there are loyalty programs for the other brands too.  Simply sign up for an account, save your stickers, and enter the codes.  Just like everything else in my life, I seem to let the codes build up and enter a whole bunch at once.  I must admit that it’s more exciting that way.  And as a stay at home mom, exciting is always a treat!

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 4.59.30 PM

So far, I’ve accumulated 3,318 points.  I think that’s a little on the low side given that it’s the total for both of my babies.  I’ve actually never redeemed any of the rewards but I plan to really soon (Shhh! Don’t tell my family but some of the items will make really good Christmas gifts 🙂 )

Pampers code

Let’s just say that, now I change diapers with a slight grin because I know eventually there will be something in it for me!  The signup process is very similar for Huggies but from what I can remember, their point values weren’t as high, so I prefer Pampers.  I also like the fit of their diapers more too.

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4 thoughts on “More poop = More FREE stuff!!

  1. M.Roberts says:

    I think this is the best rewards program & your title is perfect for it! I just received a free “winkle” baby toy for my 3month old, it took less than a week to receive it!! & Pampers also threw in a free wipes case! I guess you can say that I am more than excited about the whole process!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • TheFreshMom says:

      That’s awesome!! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I really need to keep up with the Grow On program. I plan to share the details of that in another post. Glad to know other moms who get excited about the “simple things” too!


  2. Shara says:

    Funny post title! I typically use Huggies. I have used my rewards for (3) 11×14 photographs and a portable toilet seat cover. I love free stuff that I can actually use.

    Liked by 1 person

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