Wait! Keep those scraps!


It’s not time for #FarmersMarketFriday but I had to give a special shoutout to the great people over at The Metro Atlanta Urban Farm.

Camden won’t stop talking about his experience from our 1st trip and how much fun he had riding the tractor and picking veggies. We were able to make an impromptu visit yesterday and as always, we enjoyed ourselves!


Mr. Bobby was fixing a paper shredder and let Camden help! Of course he loved using the ‘real’ tools.


We went to the car to get his jacket and he spotted his screwdriver.  So he took it to Mr. Bobby to show him that he had his own. Yes it’s the plastic, kid friendly one 🙂


After diligently working on the shredder, they tested it to see if it worked. I don’t know about you, but that was an entire science project and I didn’t even have to plan a thing lol!

… I always get so wrapped up in the fun that I forget what I was originally posting about! Oh yeah, composting…

During our last visit, they actually told me that we just missed a group of high school students who learned all about composting.  Immediately I thought, “COMPOST?! Yeah I tried keeping scraps for that before and I failed.” Lol

Hesitantly, I asked if they accepted compost material from anyone and the answer was, yes.  They told me that I could bring all of my veggie and fruit scraps and they would gladly add it to their compost pile.  If you’ve checked out one of my previous posts on Decluttering, you know that I shouldn’t be keeping ANYTHING else!

But of course I couldn’t resist and decided to do it!  And there it is…


Over a two week span I accumulated this entire trash bag of material for compost.  I’m embarrassed to say that some of it came from produce that I never even cooked and let spoil.  The other portion came from me being the ‘leftover police’.  Anytime Camden or Austin (my husband) headed toward the trash, I kindly asked them to place it on the counter instead.  It might’ve been a little annoying to them at first but they quickly caught on.  And Austin didn’t even talk about how weird I am unlike other times haha!

We have a smaller refrigerator so everything was packed in there pretty tightly and I was able to squeeze a couple of bags in the freezer as well.  Am I crazy for entertaining the thought of getting a deep freezer to comfortably fit all of my scraps?  Wait. You don’t even have to answer that.  I think I just heard Austin’s voice in my head saying, “You want WHAT for WHAT?”  On that note, I’ve changed my mind :-\.

For now I’ll keep storing everything in the fridge and donating it to the farm but eventually I’d like to start a compost bin to use on my own fresh fruits and vegetables 🙂


Here are some of the things that I save: over-ripened eggplant, onion peels, bell peppers, potato skin, avocado peel, etc.


Camden even got to roll the wheelbarrow!

Before I forget, today is GA Gives Day… interested in donating to a worthy cause? Consider giving to the farm here.

Have you ever tried composting? How’d that work out for you?


4 thoughts on “Wait! Keep those scraps!

  1. M. Roberts says:

    Camden looks like he really enjoyed his science project! ….I attempted to compost before but I couldn’t find a convenient place take my scraps. Maybe I’ll try again starting with scraps from cooking during this holiday season! Do you only collect scraps from produce? Or do they want everything? It sounds weird to keep saying “scraps!” Lol ….also that is a perfect picture that Mr. Bobby took of your family!! Lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Triby Jackson says:

    My brother & sister-in-love compost in So Florida, but they’re naturalists & have a farm & everything. In my mind I’d like to think I could do it on my own, but I’m not that diligent. I still plan on visiting the farm soon. I love fresh veggies & gardens. Keep up the posts.


    • TheFreshMom says:

      Shame on me for responding 1 whole month later!! But thanks Triby! I was doing very well with keeping my scraps for a couple of weeks and then I ran out of space in the fridge/freezer so I’m back to my old ways. At least until the weather gets a little warmer. Kudos to your brother and sister-in-love! I’d love to have a garden one day soon!


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