Getting Back to the Basics: Part II (Decluttering)

As my video mentioned, I have been on a mission to simplify life. Once upon a time I would hope and dream of a clean house, a clutter free mind, and an organized life but I never really knew the first steps to take.

Over the last few months I’ve been very purposeful about growing my relationship with God and honestly, that’s where I attribute my sudden burst of clarity.  And I’ve finally felt led to take some action!

First allow me to set some things straight!

Yes, God is awesome! He will do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we ask or think…(Ephesians 3:20)

But He will also take everything that we “thought” we needed away.  Everything that is not “of him” and that doesn’t glorify his name, even if they seem like GREAT opportunities.  In my case, I had a few things to get rid of and it was only recently that I felt compelled to comply.   So my initial prayer went something like this…

“Lord I am in need of change and I am not capable of creating it on my own.  Please allow your will to be carried out in my life.”

It was that simple. No fancy speech or convoluted message. Just me speaking to God as a child needing a Father’s guidance and direction.  I absolutely had no idea that I would receive a response so quickly though!

I was even led to read this book given to me by my friend Allison some years ago.  Talk about perfect timing…Rick Warren, the author of A Purpose Driven Life, seemed to explain my situation so well on Day 3 of the book:

The Benefits of Purpose-Driven Living

Knowing your purpose simplifies your life. It defines what you do and what you don’t do.  Your purpose becomes the standard you use to evaluate which activities are essential and which aren’t.  You simply as, “Does this activity help me fulfill one of God’s purposes for my life?”

Without a clear purpose you have no foundation on which you base decisions, allocate your time, and use your resources.  You will tend to make choices based on circumstances, pressures, and your mood at the moment.  People who don’t know their purpose try to do too much — and that causes stress, fatigue, and conflict.

It is impossible to do everything people want you to do.  You have just enough time to do God’s will.  If you can’t get it all done, it means you’re trying to do more than God intended for you to do (or, possibly, that you’re watching too much television).  Purpose-driven living leads to a simpler lifestyle and a saner schedule.  The Bible says, “A pretentious, showy life is an empty life; a plain and simple life is a full life.”  It also leads to peace of mind: “You LORD, give perfect peace to those who keep their purpose firm and put their trust in you.”

The next section is titled “Knowing your purpose focuses your life.”  I’m not going to include it here but I highly recommended that you all read the entire book, “A Purpose Driven Life.”  You may be like me 2 1/2 years prior to now and not fully understand or relate to everything in the book.  But know that if you truly take a moment to immerse yourself in God’s word, he’ll make things plain to you.

Remember you can experience peace as well!  Take these 3 steps and see how much improvement you can make:

1. Pray
2. Listen
3. Act. Immediately!

Trust me, you’ll feel so much better when you take that very first step! Can’t wait for you to join me on this journey 🙂


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