Getting back to the basics! (The Intro)



I’m a busy person by nature. If I commit myself to something I want to do it and be all in. It’s seriously like it’s all or nothing with me. So groups, projects, organizations and a slew of other things always come my way and I try to do a little of ALL of them.

My husband actually laughs at me because I even read multiple books at a time, only to find myself never getting through a single one of them entirely. It’s like things only hold some of my attention and then I’m either on to the next or I add on more that I can bear.

I hate stress but I constantly put myself in stressful situations. It’s weird and I’m not talking about super-stressful-life-endangering situations. I mean just simple things in life, i.e. waiting until the absolute last day to do something, accepting leadership roles in organizations,  you know those types of things. I know we all suffer from some type of procrastination but my situation is far from that. I’m in need of stability and organization ASAP!

Most people at this age (let’s just call me a young adult lol) are searching for their ‘purpose’ in life but have never, ever sought the one who created life itself. I actually think I’ve ‘found my purpose’ and it’s simply to lead others to Christ. And I plan to do that by just being me. No organization, job title, or group necessary! I’ll assume my role as a child of God, wife and mother first.

I have yet to share my full testimony of how I became a Christian with y’all. And I’m talking about a true follower of Christ. But know that’s it’s been a journey and not until very recently did everything really click for me!

Follow my journey of figuring out what that really means. I pray that I’m able to inspire all types of women (mothers, married, single, etc) to live your lives as God intends.







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