#HealthyTipTuesday: Don’t Wash Your Chicken!!!

So I know many will read this and ask, “But how am I supposed to clean it?” The answer is simple…. Just COOK it!

Maybe I’m a little naive on this subject but I have never, ever, not once, washed chicken! I just never thought it was necessary.

Take a quick look at this picture below.


Here’s the animated version…

(Both pictures are courtesy of: Created by New Mexico State University’s Media Productions and its Learning Games Lab: http://mediaproductions.nmsu.edu / http://learninggameslab.org/ )

Yep, when you wash chicken you run the risk of contaminating so many things (the sink, other food, the counter, etc).

Still think it’s a good idea??

Here are some direct resources where you can get more information on the topic…

-Even the USDA (the organization that’s supposed to do what’s best for the common good) doesn’t recommend it.

-Drexel University created a whole “Don’t Wash Your Chicken” study and campaign about it. They even made mini skits and cooking demos for your enjoyment. Check them out!

I always buy boneless, skinless chicken that’s usually pre-cut so I don’t have to worry about handling it as much.  Thankfully my family isn’t picky and they eat whatever I cook, which oftentimes means lots of chicken breasts and thighs.

Trust me, once you skip this “does more harm than good” step, you’ll find that your clean up time will be shorter, your dinner will be ready sooner, and if you have a not so patient toddler like me, that is a HUGE deal! AND most importantly, the entire process is safer.

I promise it’ll taste the same too! 🙂

So glad you’ll think of me the next time you cook chicken lol!


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