Homeschool Expo: Day 2 w/ sessions overview

So in my previous post My first homeschool expo, day 1 I left off with my son’s meltdown.  Here I’ll share some pretty special moments of confirmation that everything in life happens for a reason and in God’s perfect timing.

Day 2: Friday, July 24th – “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me”


I smartened up and made arrangements with my dad and step-mom to keep my 2 year old and the baby and I made it there around the tail end of the 2nd session ( just about lunch time again lol).

This time I knew which sessions I wanted to attend and was so excited to soak in as much knowledge as possible.

I went to the following sessions that day:

1. Homeschooling on a Budget by Renee Miller, owner of Miller Pads & Paper

I only caught the end of the session but what I heard was enough to keep me intrigued for the rest of the day.  I guess she had already discussed the budgeting part of homeschooling and moved onto how she homeschooled her kids.  That’s when I heard, “God!” Not sure what followed but I actually stepped outside of the room to see if I was in the right place.  Due to my lack of preparation I had no idea that many of the presenters took a bible based approach to homeschooling. Apparently most homeschool curriculum is spiritual based. I know you’re like, “Duh! Amateur” lol.  Well it was a pleasant surprise for me!

Next, I went to…

2. Women Working From HomeFrom Raising Children & Making Money – Ann Haney, owner of Living In Abundance Couponing & Aaron Publishing

I felt like I already knew enough about this topic but it seemed like the most interesting session out of the available options.  And it actually turned out great! Well everything was all good until this happened…

IMG_2950I thought I heard something rumbling but I had no idea it was Cadence.  Ann showed a presentation with slides 1 through 10.  Around slide #4 I had to quietly excuse the two of us to find the closest restroom. She was just getting to the good part too 😦

In between going in and out I managed to catch these tips:

1. Invest in your spiritual self. When you put God first:

  • He stretches your time.
  • You bring out the best in others.
  • You create positive thinking.

2. Invest in your physical health.

  • Exercise, eat healthy, take vitamins, and get proper sleep.

3. Seek your opportunity.

  • “Where your purpose & passion are, prosperity will be found” ~ Ann Haney

She also referenced the “Proverbs 31 woman” a lot.  I encourage you to check it out!

My next session of the day was the best one…

3. Homeschooling On Purpose – Jenni & Jody / Homeschool Moms / J&J Collaborative Media

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this duo but I’m so glad I met them.

Jenni and Jody are Christian, homeschooling moms with nine kids between them (ages 3 to 27). Together they host a weekly parenting radio show, write a syndicated weekly column, freelance for a variety of publications, teach parenting and homeschooling workshops and seminars, speak at conventions and conferences and coach individual families. They are passionate about encouraging and equipping families to live on purpose with excellence, and to raise kids with the end result in mind.

Now that you know a little about Jenni & Jody, here are some important points that really hit home for me and reminded my why we decided to homeschool. They said…

  1. Do not bring school into your home; do things differently!
  2. As parents we should be preparing our children for life and graduating fully functional adults. It would be nice for them to know how to plan & prepare meals, bargain shop, understand the economy, etc.
  3. Understand that you’re raising future heads of households and future Proverbs 31 women.
  4. Design your curriculum on what your children are passionate about.
  5. Be purposeful and intentional about fostering those passions.

Clearly, I can go on and on about what I learned but the point that stuck out to me the most was this one about discipline… “If your child can’t hear your voice, how will they be able to hear and obey God’s?”  

The topic of Discipline has been on my mind a lot lately and I was so happy to get practical ways of loving and molding my children into productive citizens while simultaneously letting them know who’s boss.  Those women blessed me in so many ways in just that single hour!

Lastly, I ended the day with this session…

4. The Art & Joy of Storytelling and Reading Aloud to Children – Jim Weiss / Greathall Productions

This was a cool session led by the energetic and comedic Jim Weiss. Check out his storytelling techniques here and be prepared to get into character!

In my next and final post about the homeschooling expo I will share Day 3: the expo hall, importance of Entrepreneurship, lessons learned as a 1st timer and more resources to aid in your homeschooling journey.
Stay encouraged future homeschool parents, we’re in this together!






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