Homeschooling (Finally)

Sensory play with food

Lately I have been putting more thought into this decision that we’ve made to homeschool.  I’ve always known that I wanted to and really think I’ll be great at it however my actions haven’t been matching up with my thoughts. That’s a story for a future post lol.

Today I decided that enough was enough and I just did it. Well mainly because I promised my husband that I would report back to him with what we did for the day and also because I couldn’t take my 2 year old screaming for attention and begging for another cartoon!

Oh how I remember the days when TV time was pretty much non-existent and he was simply too small to make such demanding requests.  Now he’s walking, talking, and making negotiations for just “one more show.”  And honestly, sometimes I give in. Because 1 more show is 20 more minutes to get 1 more thing scratched off my never ending to do list.

After a quick Google search for activities for 2 year olds, I came across this really cool post, “80 Of The Best Activities For 2 Year Olds” by Rachel.  I’d like to personally thank Rachel, my new best internet friend for the massive list of ideas.

My goal was to find something that was creative and fun, but most of all FREE!  As my husband would say, I have way too many items around the house for me to buy anything else.

After scrolling and scrolling, I found my inspiration… Sorting! So I scavenged the kitchen and found food, expired food that I’m embarrassed to admit that I even have lol.

Here’s how I created a fun activity in 5 minutes…

Materials used:

  • White blanket: This really came in handy because I could easily see the spilled pieces when it was time to clean up
  • Food: Lima Beans, Rice, Black-eyed peas, Pasta, and Lentils. (I know. Click the link & you’ll see!)
  • Containers: Small recycled containers and a big bowl
  • Spoons: A big one, different variations of teaspoons, tablespoons, and an ice cream scooper
  • Ice tray: Used for separating

Veggie sorting 1

Skills learned/used:

  • He counted the containers and put them in “order” while waiting for me.
  • He learned about the different types of food with hopes that he’ll be more likely to try them soon (crossing my fingers).
  • He learned about portion sizes; ice tray vs bowl.
  • He practiced cleaning up which actually turned out better than I expected.

And who knows what else he his little brain put together… We’re in the whole imagination phase of life!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you’re like me and know that you can be great at homeschooling but you need that extra push, just DO IT! Start today or tomorrow lol… Hopefully you won’t wait until you have no choice and need an immediate tantrum deterrent a.k.a. my story.

And in case you were wondering, my 5 month old did not participate in the activity. Yes, there were several choking hazards used but she was monitored very closely! 🙂







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