Mommy's BIG scare


2pm is normally my happy time of the day. The moment when the house is quiet and I can actually hear myself think, aka NAP TIME!!

Well, this past Tuesday I was nowhere near happy. I was pretty scared actually. Right before putting my 2yr. old down for his nap, I picked my 5 month-old little girl up and felt a lump on the left side of her chest. Immediately I knew something was off… And just like that, I started praying! I wanted to overcome any anxious feelings with the power of prayer and faith. 

Within minutes I felt better, but just like any mother I was still concerned. A quick phone call to the doctor turned into an available appointment that afternoon. I’m so glad a doctor was available because I honestly didn’t feel like speaking with the nurse-on-call and going through the normal routine of questions:

“Does she have a fever?”

“Is she acting normal?”

“How is she eating?” Etc…

When you’re a concerned parent you just want them to tell you what’s wrong and the quickest way to fix it!

Thankfully we have family right around the corner and they were available to keep Camden (the 2 yr. old) while we made our way.

I admit, weird thoughts did cross my mind during those couple of hours but I promptly reverted to all of the good things that God has blessed us with regarding my baby and being a parent.

Normally my husband would have been right there by my side but on this particular day he had meetings scheduled and couldn’t break away. AND I’m sure he prayed and knew everything would be ok.

We arrived at the doctor’s office around 4:30pm and saw one of the nurse practitioners. First they performed the normal procedures (checked weight, height, vital signs, etc) and then asked me what was going on. Long story short, I explained that I felt a lump on her left breast and wanted to be sure everything was fine.

Immediately, she told me to feel her right breast and said, “See, there’s breast tissue here too but it’s just more prevalent on the left side.” Why? She didn’t know BUT said everything was completely normal and smiled. It’s so funny to me when they do that. As parents, you’re freaking out and they just… SMILE smh. The nurse explained that the knot, lump, or whatever you’d like to call it will become less noticeable as she grows older and develops breasts.

I’m actually glad that my husband wasn’t there. He doesn’t need any additional reminders that he really has a little girl who will eventually become a woman. A woman with breasts at that lol.

Since we got the ok from the doctor, I told myself that I was free to do my own research. Normally I would’ve started with Google searches but this situation was unique and I didn’t want to read any horror stories. My search found these websites that confirmed the nurses answers.

WebMD says

ParentSavvy says

So that’s that. The happy ending to my somewhat hectic day. The moral of this story is always go with your gut and see what’s up (lol). With infants and children in general, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and at least ask questions. Secondly, pray and ask God for acceptance of whatever the outcome may be. If he places you in a situation, surely he has a plan to guide you through it. Trust Him!


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  1. Tasha says:

    I hate that smile they give. Every question I had at my prenatal appointments was answered with “that’s normal.” And a smile. So frustrating. I think I had legitimate concerns. My child was born healthy, but low birth weight at 5lb 2 oz and at 38 weeks. I think I could have made it to 40 and she could have put on more weight if someone were to actually listen and maybe provide a scientific journal article or two before just smiling.

    Liked by 1 person

    • TheFreshMom says:

      Hi Tasha! Lol. Yeah, I’m thankful for their expertise but nowadays it seems like you get the textbook response and not really what’s best for your individual situation. They see so many parents, asking the same things so I get it, but it’s always refreshing to come across a doctor who genuinely cares and makes you feel special.

      Camden was born at 36 week and weighed 5lbs (can’t believe that I forgot the ounces smh). I had pre-eclampsia so he had to come out early and thankfully we had a good experience. But I understand what you mean! I think the best thing that we can do as parents is to be educated and take care of ourselves and our kids so we need as little ‘doctor intervention’ as possible. Glad everything worked out with you & your little one! Welcome to mommyhood 🙂


      • Tasha says:

        My mother had pre-eclampsia with my sister and had to deliver 2 months early. She was a teeny baby in the NICU for a month. She’s healthy and grown now though. And thank goodness I didn’t have it, but I still have to keep it in mind if I have more pregnancies.


  2. Kateria says:

    I am so glad everything turned out ok! I don’t have kids yet but I probably would have reacted the same way. And I can relate to not going on google because that can make it worse at times. Your baby is so beautiful by the way!

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