Bible study, TheFreshMom way…

Here’s a synopsis of my post from Instagram earlier today…

In order to spend true alone time with God and study His word, I would have to wake up super early or go to bed very late.  Waking up early wouldn’t be such a bad idea if I weren’t exhausted from the night before.  And staying up after everyone goes to sleep isn’t such a bad idea either, but then I’d literally run the risk of dropping my Bible on the floor after losing control of my limbs while drifting off to sleep.

That’s definitely not cool but admit it, you’ve been there before… sat down, was super excited to get into your new book only to find yourself sound asleep 2 minutes later.  I just think that’s a tad bit disrespectful to God, so I won’t even set myself up 😉 

MY reality is that I have to get it in WHENEVER I can. Today it was during nap-time.

I decided to start reading in Ephesians and ended up in chapter 4. I encourage you to read that chapter and any other verse/chapter that I reference from here on out for yourself!

In my Bible, I have topical notes at the top of the pages that go a little deeper into the word and most times give a very practical explanation.  Remember I’m fresh at all of this, even being a Christian, so those passages come in handy.  READ them below… (you can click the picture & press control + or command + on a MAC to zoom in) so no excuses!


I started reading this one first which explains how powerful words can be.  This is especially important to me regarding my husband and children.  I always intend on choosing the best words to get my point across but oftentimes fall short, especially with my husband.

I guess I feel like it’s easier for him to ‘get the point’ and understand that I’m coming from a good place because he’s an adult.  When in actuality, it’s not his job nor is it fair for him to have to decipher my encouragement from criticism.  I’ll share more on communication in marriage in another post…

Our words are to constitute a gift to the hearer (Ephesians 4:29) 

Marinate on that and bear it in mind each time you choose to make your voice heard.

Remember the saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?”


But thats not what I mean here.  Instead, offer your opinion but let it be encouraging to the next person and well thought out.  Think WWJD  (What Would Jesus Do), just replace ‘do’ with say in this case, WWJS if you will.

***I also read the passage below but I’ll discuss it another time. I’ve already given you all enough homework for today 🙂



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