Tot Spot @ Atlantic Station (FREE)



We went to Tot Spot at Atlantic Station earlier today and it was lots of fun!  We met a few of our friends and met new ones too.  This FREE event was featured on MommyWeek’s Massive List of Free Things To Do this summer.  You should definitely check out the full list here.

Here’s my summary of the event…

We arrived around 10:30am, parked in the garage where you get 2 hours of free parking and proceeded up the escalator.  You should park anywhere between elevators 6 & 7.  As soon as you arrive on the street level, you will see the park filled with little ones running around EVERYWHERE.  Normally, places like this would be overwhelming with snotty nosed toddlers running around but this was different, mainly because it was outside and you could actually breathe fresh air. 

There is a check-in table at the entrance where you’re asked to register on an iPad (name & email address) if it’s your first time.  They don’t require frequent visitors to physically check-in so you can just say hi and walk right through.

They have 3 or 4 white tents set up for you to sit under if you need a break from the sun.  Since Miss Cadence was with us, we took full advantage of it & honestly didn’t venture far from it.  I encouraged Camden to play with his friends but to stay within my eyesight.  Since there were a few adults in our group, we took turns going off to play with the little ones while someone watched the bags and the babies.

Atlantic Station provides all of the activities (balls, wagons, houses, slides, bubbles, etc.) which is really cool because you don’t have to worry about picking up a single thing afterward. However, it did remind me of The Hunger Games as the kids only had a few seconds to run & snatch the toy that they wanted before their “opponents” came along.  It wasn’t such a bad thing though because it actually encouraged them to interact with one another.  With that being said, everything’s up for grabs so I wouldn’t bring toys from home, as you may not be going back home with it.

It ended promptly at 12pm and everyone went their separate ways, probably to enjoy lunch or a much needed nap. Four restaurants (DinerThe Pig & the PearlRosa Mexicano, and Tin Drumin the area offer free lunch for kids.

If you have kids 5 & under this is the perfect place to be on a Tuesday morning                            (April – September)! Thanks again MommyWeek 🙂

tot spot



2 thoughts on “Tot Spot @ Atlantic Station (FREE)

  1. Cimani says:

    Loved it . Keep up the awesome work even though I’m not a mommy Im taking all these notes for the future thanks for the prep.


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